Bulk Email Marketing

Bulk Email Marketing

Our unique Email verifier services

Email Bounce Validator
Spam Trap & Abuse Email Verifier

Spam traps don’t belong to real people and keeping them in your list will tarnish your sender reputation and even get you blacklisted. Let us scrub your list clean and identify such risky email addresses.
Identifies and removes spam trap emails from your list Remove known abusive addresses that often mark emails as spam Avoid getting marked as a spammer by Internet Service Providers

Email Scoring and Catch-All Validation System

Email list validation is at the foundation of your email hygiene. But once you benefit from our email scrubbing service, try ZeroBounce A.I. to learn more about your results. ZeroBounce A.I. is an email scoring system that uses artificial intelligence to rate the value of an email address.
Get activity level scoring on the emails on your list Dont waste leads! Identify catch-all addresses with online activity Mark catch-all email addresses with low scores activity

Email Address List Append*

ZeroBounce is not only the most reliable email validator, but it also enhances the value of your list by adding valuable meta data.
Get valuable information such as the full name and gender of leads Get Geolocation data to tell you where your email addresses are coming from the IP you captured on your registration screen Use the added data to help segment your list and improve conversion rates Knowing more about your subscribers is crucial to marketing the right information and products to them.

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